Radio Taurus

One more Zodiac sign, for a friend of my friend, who happens to work in the radio. And he’s  Taurus, of course.



It’s bad time for painting pictures, just before Christmas; I’m not the best housewife in the world (sure not!) but even I feel like baking cookies now.  Inspite of this  I’ve made one new Zodiac sign tonight;  it’s  for Monica, for Christmas, it couldn’t wait any longer.

Black ink,  watercolors
Black ink, watercolors

Virgo again

A friend of mine asked for one more Virgo (I had no idea there are so many Virgos around..) so I’ve made same Zodiac sign again. This Virgo is much more relaxed.Zodiac sign


My Sagittarius seems to be a malicious boy, I’m afraid. But I’ve imagined how he shoots and smiles to his intended target at the same time and I suppose this would be quite creepy. Zodiac sign


Just like usual: black ink, white ink, watercolor pencils and some paint, too. Next Zodiac will be finished tomorrow. Who knows,  maybe I will have all 12 of themZodiac sign this year.


One more Zodiac sign in ink, watercolor and watercolor pencils. I was experimenting with letting the ink flow into wet area, hoping to make foggy atmospheric effect, but it made the sky less intense.  I’m not sure if this was good idea, or not…Zodiac


One more Zodiac sign. I’d better hurry up with this series…   InDesign is over, but next book is already waiting – Zodiacabout Google SketchUp! I’ll have a chance to use my formal  education. I’m an architect, who never built anything, but now I’ll have to  model  a building or two.  Is virtual architect still an architect? I suppose not, unless for fully virtual people (Sims?)

Zodiac again!

One more zodiac animal.  I wonder if I’ll make them all before 2013. ..


I’ve got a job to do again, one of these dull things coming from the publishing house I work for;  holiday’s  over… and I’ve got a fairytale to illustrate for a friend, too. I’m going to come back to this topic, but at the moment I’m too confused: someone’s parents get changed into sth else,  nun hides in the forest,  a little boy pretends he’s a little girl, an now a crocodile entered the stage! And a squirrel. My friend hasn’t had time yet  to explain it properly, she’s just sending short descriptions of scenes she wants me to sketch. I don’t want to complain, but our cooperation is a bit like playing blind man’s buff and perhaps I will illustrate different story then the one she writes. Well, tonight I’ve made a break and I’ve come back to my Zodiac series. It seems so wonderfully uncomplicated! The Leo is a present for my other friend, zodiacal lioness, so her name is included.