New Year’s Resolution


“No way! You’re trying to ruin my New Year’s resolution”. A little ink drawing to start a new year. This is because I’ve got such problem myself. Some evil people have given me sweets for Christmas and now I feel the box of chocolates is watching me intently.

Down the Rabbit Hole


Long time since I’ve been to Wonderland! So, Alice again. In gouache.

Talking to Red Queen


One more round Alice picture… This is the Chess Queen from the second book, not the blood-thirsty Queen of Hearts.

Alice In The Boat


My favourite scene from Through The Looking Glass story in ink and watercolor (mostly! I have used a little of denser paints to finish this). The circle was masked around with masking fluid, so this picture really looks this funny way; I have no idea how to fit it in any standard frame, but maybe I manage to pass this problem to someone else, together with the picture.

Alice and Caterpillar Again

xxalicjaThis is one of most popular scenes ever, I think. There are thousands of Alices on DeviantArt or Pinterest, and half of them are portrayed with the caterpillar and the mushroom… Well, in a hot afternoon I have made one more Alice and one more mushroom. There are several inks here – umbra, sienna, magenta – and several pencils from Derwent and Koh-i-Noor.

Art of Smoking

Second part of this Wonderland comission…Art of Smoking


Here we are… Wonderland is ready. The plan for weekend almost worked. I still own one sketch to Shayla. Our kitchen is making progress, too. I have washed  ceiling planks today.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but have you ever tried to wash a ceiling?  Not that easy.


Unexpected trip to Wonderland

I got a comission for a picture with three well-known Wonderland characters together;  I know, there’s no such scene in this book. One of this quick jobs that need to be completed in three days. Tomorrow I should color this, and as a matter of fact I should also finish one spread for Shayla (red racing car) two for Sara (pirates) and very well if I manage to make next sketch for Jan, too, with two butterflies. Good heavens, why weekends are so short…Caterpillar

White Rabbit And Friends

One more texture experiment… and two Wonderland characters, too. For me most interesting part was background, though. Ingredients: acrylic paint, pastel and toothbrush. I admit this method of making backgrounds would work better when illustrating  horror stories, not fairytales. Even a rabbit looks creepy in this environment.

White Rabbit
And here’s the creepy Mad Hatter.
Mad Hatter