Baba Yaga Coming Home


I know, too late for Halloween. But this was drawn in November, so the month is right. I was wondering what this famous hut looked like and this is what I got.

Fablehaven Witch


I’ve been listening to the first part of “Fablehaven” series lately. The book started to sound interesting when a nasty witch appeared in the second or third chapter. Here’s my idea what she could look like.

Mo Goes Halloween


LIttle girl and her cat from a new story by Dorie Deats. This is how I imagine their first Halloween together.

Witchcraft for Beginners


This is my first free time drawing in 2018, because there was simply no free time before. I have once drawn a girl practising spells on her cat in ink. This was for Inktober, a year or two ago. The idea somehow stayed with me. This time I have tried gouache paints.

Tree Witch


Gouache paints. I quite often use gouache in quasi-watercolor mode, but this time I have tried to use thick paint.

You Shall Marry a Prince. Intober Day 29


Aurora got to the top of the tower, and it’s time to decide what has happened there. The topic of the day is “united”, so… how about unexpected cross-generation friendship? Maybe a hundred years of sleep was really Aurora’s idea. She was told an ideal prince for her wasn’t born yet, so what else could she say but: “oh, Granny, do something! I can’t be old when he’s twenty!”

Dorothy Melts The Witch

xxmeltingNobody steals shoes from Dorothy! Acrylics, no watercolor. I’m glad I have managed to finish it. Acrylic paint is resistant (or so I feel about it). It takes time to get where I want to be with my picture.

Gerda Meets The Witch

xxks2This also “Snow Queen” story, and also a Christmas present. This one is for Mathilda and Mathilda is seven years old, that’s why I wanted to make it sunny.

Inktober 2016. Scared

xxinktober13Wingardium Leviosa! Poor cat. I have forgotten to add this one, but it was made on time. Day 13: “Scared”.