The Ghost


Too early for Halloween, but… Watercolor and watercolor pencils, this is a free time picture so not connected to any particular story.

Applied Science


Evil stepmother and her famous poisoned apple. When I need a break, there’s nothing like Grimm brothers. Watercolor and a bit of white gouache.

Bridge in the Park


Park in Pszczyna, watercolor. Pszczyna is a little town with a big castle and a huge park, full of water channels and bridges. And old, high trees; a lot of shadow. Our dogs loved this place.

Floral Sunday


Watercolor and a bit of white gouache

Blue Roses


Well, the roses aren’t blue, but the picture mostly is. I need a present for someone and this is going to be one, I think.

Sow Thistle Prince


Watercolor, gouache, and please feel free to make your own story for this picture…

At the Back of the North Wind


Old story but not without some charm…

The Motorcyclist


Drawing based on a vintage photo, a present for a friend. The original picture was taken in 1920’s but the bike was already vintage these days.