Mo and Christmas Tree

Next Christmas picture is book-related. Mo the Cat and the girl named Emma – Mo calls her “Ma” – are two characters from a story written by Dorie Deats, “Mo’s Little Giant” (on Amazon now!) Cats are excellent tree decorators and Emma appreciates a little help, I’m sure. Gouache and pencils. Merry Christmas to everyone!xxxmo_treedecorating

Tree Witch


Gouache paints. I quite often use gouache in quasi-watercolor mode, but this time I have tried to use thick paint.

Time of Blooming Trees

xxmaybloomThis spring’s been so cold that trees are 3 weeks late to bloom, and farmers already have started to fight for financial compensation from government. Even though their  “lost harvest” doesn’t exist yet. Reasonable people. Everybody knows government is slow. But now it happened, at last. Trees are blooming.

This is Liquitex watercolor (crimson, emerald green, yellow) and white gouache on tinted watercolor paper. Yes, I have found tinted watercolor paper lately! It can be bought in several shades; blue, gray, yellow… This one is yellow. The well-lit upper surface of the flower in top left corner, this is true color of the paper. No paint here.


xxxdryadOne more experiment with gouache & watercolor combination. Last time it was a naiad, river nymph, and this is dryad, the ghost of the tree. Actually the idea behind was less important to me then the paint, this time 🙂 Gouaches differ from watercolor in more ways then just being more opaque.

Dwarf Christmas Tree

Another present for a friend, and one more experiment with gouache paints. There are no trees of right size for a dwarf; I thought miniature cactus would be ideal.

Dwarf Christmas Tree

Christmas in June

One more unexpected comission. Last winter I got  a story about three Christmas trees to illustrate, and now one more picture is needed to finish layout.

Decorating Christmas Tree

Green Man of North

One more illustration for Jan. This is a Celtic story about a very dangerous tree.

Green Tree Man


Marshall Goes Home for Christmas

Patsy’s story about Christmas trees. One night before Christmas a nice young lady with short supplies of money buys Marshall, the Christmas tree without top. Marshall is watching three empty holes, when he’s leaving; the place where he and his two friends had been waiting so long. That’s why walking pair is moved to the left.

Christmas Tree Goes Home

Christmas Trees Go To Town

Christmas trees project came back. Preparations are over, now it’s time to draw a picture or two. The tree being unloaded will loose his top during the operation and he will be very unhappy about it (he, because this is a boy- tree).

Christmas Trees Go To Town