Applied Science


Evil stepmother and her famous poisoned apple. When I need a break, there’s nothing like Grimm brothers. Watercolor and a bit of white gouache.

Snow-White and Rose-Red

This is Grimm brother’s story I have never tried yet. Later I realized I had made a mistake: dwarf’s beard should be stuck under a tree trunk and not the stone. This picture was made for relax in a very hot day so please forgive me. xxxtwoGirlsGrimm

Evil Fairy

This is a busy week! The funniest thing I’ve made so far is this watercolor. One of my internet friends has challenged me to draw the Evil Fairy from “Sleeping Beauty”, The one who got mad about not being invited, you know (“And when you’re sixteen, you will die!”). Painting this dress was fun! It’s based on DA stock photo, so I didn’t have to design the dress. Just paint it. The photo is here: Thank you, Ann!