One more illustration to the story about shopping cart who liked to play tag. Everything goes very slowly;  sun is shining – last sunny days this year! and I just can’t sit at the desk all day. I have done a thing or two in garden instead. I’ve digged out two old bushes today (OK, my husband helped, but only with bigger one; the first one I did myself)  and I have put into ground three new ones.

Shopping Cart


Getting Better

The tenth spread in Shopping Cart Story. Racing car’s still complaining, but it’s getting better.


There’s My Starting Flag

The car goes away. Poor shopping cart is not invited to take part in the event. Now I will do a pirate picture, I think; sun is shining and I would be very happy to go out with Basia, but there was a walk yesterday and today my old horse  is ignoring me. To avoid any misunderstandings, she walks away when I come near with a brush. One walk a week is enough in Car Race Daysommer. Two at most. Maybe I’ll take a dog for a walk instead.

Shopping Cart Takes Shape

Shayla decided we shall go with 3d model this time! Here’s the first sample illustration.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Poem

Time to make first sketches for Shayla’s next poem, and so I’m sketching shopping carts and racing cars.

shopping cartHere’s the shopping cart.
racing carHere’s the racing car
…and now I think I’ll send this to Shayla and go to the garden. Sun is shining again.