Rose for Beata


My sis demanded another pink flower to complete the composition on the wall, so here it is…

Blue Roses


Well, the roses aren’t blue, but the picture mostly is. I need a present for someone and this is going to be one, I think.

Yellow Rose


This is my own rose, I have planted it last year and now I’ve discovered it’s yellow.

Herb ornaments

Herbs in different style. Sylveco wants to change something this year, and this is one of directions to be checked. But the news of the day is that I’ll be doing this Rainbow Babies¬† book! So, there’s more sketching to do this weekend.Lavender xxxroza_ornament

Oldfashioned Roses

This time I’ve painted something for private purposes; I need a present. Our friends’ daughter has got married and ¬†we are going to celebrate the fact, one month after official wedding. The wedding was limited to the family members only, and now the rest of the world comes to congratulate.

traditional watercolor drawing
traditional watercolor drawing