Getting Better

The tenth spread in Shopping Cart Story. Racing car’s still complaining, but it’s getting better.


In Specialist’s Hands

Another picture for Shayla. The racing car is seeking help. There’s a program about good sleep on the radio and they say some people sleep 4 or 5 hours and it’s perfectly normal for them, they just should stop to torment themselves trying to sleep longer. What a wonderful natural talent! I sleep eight hours, or nine, if nothing happens to wake me up. My life is going to be much shorter.

Racing Car’s Trauma

Racing car just after the accident. It’s awfully hot, but I really own Shayla a new picture and so I’m sitting most day at the computer. Now I’ll go out, I think: sun is getting low. And dogs are trying hard to lead me away from the screen. Interesting, people belive they are superior to animals, but it seems that our home pets can manipulate us better then we can manipulate them. OK, time to go. So says Lori. When it’s SHE who doesn’t want to go, there’s no way to move her. Pulling the collar results in her laying down immediately, and she’s quite heavy. Lori hates to be pulled or pushed around. She thinks it’s discriminating.

Racing Car's Trauma


There’s My Starting Flag

The car goes away. Poor shopping cart is not invited to take part in the event. Now I will do a pirate picture, I think; sun is shining and I would be very happy to go out with Basia, but there was a walk yesterday and today my old horse¬† is ignoring me. To avoid any misunderstandings, she walks away when I come near with a brush. One walk a week is enough in Car Race Daysommer. Two at most. Maybe I’ll take a dog for a walk instead.