Inktober Day 17: Ornament

This is what it looks like when a Targaryen princess wants to go for a date.17_ornament.jpg

Inktober Day 7: Enchanted


I’ve decided to do every second day this year, and so far I keep the pace! More of my inktober drawings are on FB

You Shall Marry a Prince. Intober Day 29


Aurora got to the top of the tower, and it’s time to decide what has happened there. The topic of the day is “united”, so… how about unexpected cross-generation friendship? Maybe a hundred years of sleep was really Aurora’s idea. She was told an ideal prince for her wasn’t born yet, so what else could she say but: “oh, Granny, do something! I can’t be old when he’s twenty!”

Climbing to the top of the tower

climbing-jpgInktober Day 27 is about climbing. So here she is, going to the top of the tower to meet her fate. Fairytale princesses have got this instinct; they always go straight to the most dangerous spot. Same about pretty blond girls in horror movies, but princesses were doing it much earlier. Tales of Sleeping Beauty or Bluebeard’s wife were told long before cinematograph was invented.

Sleeping Beauty in Blue Ink

xxxbluefairytaleOne more fairytale princess. Fairytales and tea are best remedy for heavy winter. Blue and black ink, white gouache.

The Princess And the Frog

xxxfrogprincessTesting a new block of watercolor paper. Cheap product from local manufacturer. For Derwent pencils, not bad. For watercolor – well, this company is no danger to Winsor & Newton yet.

The Lonely Tower

xxxlonlytowerA moment of relax… Rapunzel in salad-green dress. She was named after a salad, so I think it fits.

Seven Sad Dwarves

Seven Sad DwarvesAn hour of relax: princess in pink dress. Pencil and watercolor.