Jane Goes To Bed

And here the adventure ends, and Sara’s pirate book is all illustrated – hurray! This is Jane’s ship in real life. I must admit the ships that my boys used to build were very inspiring. This was quite a few years ago, of course.

watercolor, crayons, ink - like always
watercolor, crayons, ink – like always


JaneBck to pirate story and if everything goes well, I’ll have it  finished before weekend. There are three more pictures on my drawing desk now.

Jane Is Happy

The ship made it safely through the storm and Jane’s got a brilliant idea. Everybody’s happy.

watercolor, ink... just like usual
watercolor, ink… just like usual

Storm Is Over

Storm is over, things are getting better. Four more pictures and book is finished; land on horizon!

Storm Is Over

Fighting For Life

Pirate story becomes very dramatic at this point…

Fight For Life


Brave captain Jane again. Sky was most funny part of this drawing. Storm

Captain, Help!

Next pirate picture for Sara; storm is coming and crew are getting nervous.

ink, watercolor
ink, watercolor


This is bottom view of the pirate ship I’ve been drawing lately. Fish are Jane’s friends, she likes them. Fish

Jane’s Collection of Hats

Pirate story is half-done! This is middle spread. Jane still can’t decide about the ship’s name,  she’s in bad mood and even her most favourite  hats  are no help. Jane's Cabin