Diana, the German Shepherd

Present for my friend, Kinga. Pencils, watercolor, white gouache – a bit of this, a bit of that.


Santa’s Delivery Options


A few more Santas for this year’s holiday cards. Not that it was planned but it looks a bit as an illustration to the delivery options menu offered by every internet shop: collect-it-yourself, international DHL courier, or a mailman at your door. Maybe I did too much internet shopping last week.

Snow-White and Rose-Red

This is Grimm brother’s story I have never tried yet. Later I realized I had made a mistake: dwarf’s beard should be stuck under a tree trunk and not the stone. This picture was made for relax in a very hot day so please forgive me. xxxtwoGirlsGrimm

Moon Brothers


Quiet evening home… A little drawing made for DA group challenge. The topic was double: moon or sun. Derwent pencils and ink.

Ivy Fairy


Mixed media drawing, a bit of everything but mostly Liquitex inks and pencils.

Turtle Valentine


Flowers are short-living and turtles are slow; good that true love is forgiving. If it wasn’t, Valentine’s Day could go really bad for some. Pencils and Liquitex inks on yellow paper.

The Princess And the Frog

xxxfrogprincessTesting a new block of watercolor paper. Cheap product from local manufacturer. For Derwent pencils, not bad. For watercolor – well, this company is no danger to Winsor & Newton yet.

Life Beyond Mars

“Dad belives there could be life out there!”. Late evening drawing which has just made itself. Ink, watercolor, Derwent pencils.


Autumn in the Forest

Now the summer is over for sure, most leaves are down on ground and it’s dark just after dinner.  A lot of forest animals are drawn this week.  This bear fits best to my present environment. Even though we don’t really have bears around; one was seen in Ojcow last year (30 km from here) but most likely he had come from mountains with a short visit.

The Bear