The Lonely Tower

xxxlonlytowerA moment of relax… Rapunzel in salad-green dress. She was named after a salad, so I think it fits.

Troll Soup

I’m not sure what they are cooking. I don’t know enough about trolls.xxtrollsoup

Three Little Pigs (And Wolf In a Chimney)

xxxthreepigsThis drawing went to Nicky. Pencils, mostly. I got new Koh-i-noor crayons lately. I like them! And they aren’t that terrible expensive like MadeInBritain stuff.

Egg Hunt Master

xxxmisiekRabbit thinks too long, Eeyore doesn’t belive in himself and Pooh gets easily distracted: I’m sure Piglet’s a winner of the game. This is Easter picture for a friend and also an experiment. It’s all gouache. A bit of pencil, too, but no watercolor this time.

Valentine for a Bee

xxxbees2A drawing made for “Heart” DA group challenge. I was a little late with this (for Valentine day) but for a contest, just in time. It took second place 🙂

Walking a Ladybug

ladybugwalk23x17It was snowing all day long and I felt like drawing something sunny. Watercolor & watercolor pencils.

Little Man And His Pet

xxbabyandcatA little exercise on Fabriano paper. This paper scans with deep texture but in this case the texture is not very annoying, I think. Probably because the drawing is so simple.

Telesfor and Cats


This theft takes place each time when our dog gets his bread & butter. Ever since the kittens arrived in September, brought in by their mom (when she saw they got a meal, she simply left them here). I suppose the cat problem will be solved when two little criminals go to visit another backyard. Not every dog in the neighbourhood is a master of Zen.


DroughtThis is busy month, but now I’ve drawn something for myself – at last! Pencils and watercolor. Inspired by our present weather conditions.