One boy, three pictures

I have found three ways to draw this boy. Now I’m asking everybody what looks best. If you share your opinion, dear reader, I will greatly appreciate.

Instinct Wakes Up


This is made for ProjectEducate contest with individual prompts – just imagine! Someone took care to create prompt generator! I have tried my luck and my prompt is “Half and half: create a piece of art that is split in two, with each side being completely different from the other.” So, here it is…

Eccentric Madam


This is my friend’s dog, and her name (i.e. dog’s name) truly is Eccentric Madam. It’s in her papers. At home she’s called Xena.

Big Helpless Eyes


And what can she do now? It all started with DeviantsGallery group challenge, “Eyes”. My first connotation was a lost dog or cat with big helpless eyes, but later the creature has evolved a bit. Pencil, crayons.

Easter Hybrids


Most popular Easter motifs are bunnies, chickens and eggs; here you can see all in one. Happy Easter to everyone!

Bathroom Picture

xxxgaskiThis is a small watercolor picture – about postcard size – for a friend. It’s meant to decorate her parent’s bathroom.

Alice and Caterpillar Again

xxalicjaThis is one of most popular scenes ever, I think. There are thousands of Alices on DeviantArt or Pinterest, and half of them are portrayed with the caterpillar and the mushroom… Well, in a hot afternoon I have made one more Alice and one more mushroom. There are several inks here – umbra, sienna, magenta – and several pencils from Derwent and Koh-i-Noor.

Fly Hunt

xxhuntThis is my entry for new DeviantsGallery challenge: DRAGONS! I belive very small ones could have survived till today.

Playing With Fairy


I’ve got an e-book lately about J.W. Smith and her illustrations, and this drawing is definitely fan art! No exact copy, but there are many elements borrowed. In original picture there’s a boy playing with blocks at home and watching woods outside. Interesting thing is that letters on his wooden blocks say: LAS and DOM (“woods” and “home” in Polish). Did the famous American illustrator know? Or is it a coincidence? I was truly surprised to find familiar words from my own exotic language there.