The Lion and The Unicorn


An exercise drawing inspired by “Through the Looking-Glass”. Pastel pencils and a little bit of white gouache

The Little Mermaid Show

There is one more picture about mermaids playing The Little Mermaid, and while the previous one was rather tricky to decipher,  this one is quite easy. Preparations are finished, now the show goes on! Both pictures are mixed media drawings (or paintings?) in pastel and gouache, I really don’t know what label fits to them but this combination of materials worked well for me and I belive I’m going to use it again.


Eccentric Madam


This is my friend’s dog, and her name (i.e. dog’s name) truly is Eccentric Madam. It’s in her papers. At home she’s called Xena.

Watching Sunset on a Bridge

One more Pooh. Small crayon drawing made between other things.


Troll Buster

My last Sunday drawing. I’ve read Gaiman’s short story about a troll under bridge and here’s the result. No illustration, it’s just that I’ve been thinking about troll problem.

Ink, watercolor pencils and pastels.
Ink, watercolor pencils and pastels.

Little Mouse In Teacup

Here’s the alternative; Jan likes this one more, even if it’s not so very typical field mouse. And talking about mice; my husband found a very beautiful apartament in outer wall, when he was taking the plaster down; it was  in empty space between trunks. Two rooms, one partially filled with corn.  Must be bedroom and dining room. Well, the wall got seriously rebuilt, so this mouse probably won’t be able to come back. It must be very angry now.

ink, pastels, crayons
ink, pastels, crayons

Other texture experiment

The Mole, other versionI have used the same sketch (first scene of “The Wind In The Willows”) to check other possibilities of getting a strong texture to the walls of the hole. Some scrubbing, some sprinkling, lots of untypical operations!

Mermaids for L.

Mermaids scene started with ink sketch, which was transfered to watercolor paper (old way, lamp under glass coffee table..) and abandoned for a time.  Now I have finished the sketch, too, because one of my friends needs to get a Christmas drawing quickly.

Woodpecker’s still coming from time to time, but I’m not sure he will stay any longer, because we have a new cat. We didn’t want one, but the cat just moved in and lives on the old couch standing on the verandah outside the kitchen window. There must be one cat for every house all over the village, I guess. I wonder what  they do when there are more cats then houses –  emigrate to other village?