The Lost Thing Goes Out Into The World

Fan art on truly ancient watercolor paper. It belonged to my Grandma, when she was quite young.  My mother has found it in the bottom of a drawer. A3 block, no cover, so the make is unknown to me. The paper is still good, just yellow. The lightest part of the street, this is the “white” of this paper. The characters belong to Lost Thing movie, one of my most favorite animations ever.

Flowers for Nicky

Watercolor flowers for my friend Nicole.

Snow Queen


Winter fairytale for Nicky…

The Little Mermaid Show

There is one more picture about mermaids playing The Little Mermaid, and while the previous one was rather tricky to decipher,  this one is quite easy. Preparations are finished, now the show goes on! Both pictures are mixed media drawings (or paintings?) in pastel and gouache, I really don’t know what label fits to them but this combination of materials worked well for me and I belive I’m going to use it again.


Children Behind the Mirror


Another scene from “Coraline’. Coraline is locked by the Other Mother in a niche behind the mirror, when ghost children come to ask her for help.

Great Wizard of Oz


Playing with acrylic paints, and this is the result!



Acrylic paint on the back side of a drawing paper block.

Witchcraft for Beginners


This is my first free time drawing in 2018, because there was simply no free time before. I have once drawn a girl practising spells on her cat in ink. This was for Inktober, a year or two ago. The idea somehow stayed with me. This time I have tried gouache paints.

Moomins’ Treasure Hunt


A little free time picture in gouache and ink. Moomin family organized a treasure hunt the day when they had sailed away to have a picnic on the beach, and this is what Moomintroll had found… he fell in love with wooden maid’s eyes and it caused some complications.