Day 10. Cover


Facebook art challenge, continued. “Cover”! I searched my photos and I could see I can paint one of two things: rural landscape covered with snow, or rural landscape covered with dry leaves. Everything’s rural about the place I live in. I have chosen leaves. it’s cold day, even without painting snow.



This is one of the most characteristic spots in Jura Upland. The name of this window-shaped rock is “Okiennik”.  We’ve gone there for a walk lately and this is the result.

Summer sketch


A little sketch made from a photo. It’s much more noble and right thing to draw from real observation, I know, but the cold rain combined with total darkness doesn’t help…

Bridge in the Park


Park in Pszczyna, watercolor. Pszczyna is a little town with a big castle and a huge park, full of water channels and bridges. And old, high trees; a lot of shadow. Our dogs loved this place.

Bye Bye Winter


A little watercolor picture based on a photo I have taken just a week ago, and now most of snow has melted and everything outside says “spring”.

Pilica Alley in Summer

xxx-lato.jpgNext picture for Alexander. This is plain traditional watercolor, no strange additions this time.

Pilica Alley in Spring


Not far from the place where I live there is a little town named Pilica. In Pilica there’s a castle, rebuilt into romantic palace in 19th century, and there’s a long alley leading from the gates of palace park out into the fields. Palace, garden and fields used to belong to one family before the war; they were ugly exploiters of working people and red revolution wiped them out. The palace stayed in place, and the alley too. One of my friends asked me to paint  this alley in four seasons of the year, and he brought me very good reference photos… so, here is spring alley for Alexander.

Walking with Basia

This is our village seen from Basia’s favourite meadow perspective. We have gone for a walk together and I have come back with a drawing, and Basia with stomach full of grass. Coloring was done later, at home.

ink, watercolor
ink, watercolor

Road to Smoleń

I can hardly belive myself, but this time I’ve painted a traditional landscape, as realistic as I could, This is road to Smoleń castle, not too far from my home. 50 minutes by bike isn’t that far, is it?  I admit I have returned completely exhausted, though. I definitely need more practice in biking. But it was a beautiful day and it was easy to make a reference photo for a picture. I might shoot one with my eyes closed, Jura looked good in every direction.

watercolor and nothing else this time
watercolor and nothing else this time