Mother Hulde


Mother Hulde, gouache and crayons. She is the one who makes snow. She lives in the bottom of the well and when she shakes her pillows, in real world it snows. This year she mostly sleeps on the floor, I belive. Almost no snow.

Applied Science


Evil stepmother and her famous poisoned apple. When I need a break, there’s nothing like Grimm brothers. Watercolor and a bit of white gouache.

The Princess And the Frog

xxxfrogprincessTesting a new block of watercolor paper. Cheap product from local manufacturer. For Derwent pencils, not bad. For watercolor – well, this company is no danger to Winsor & Newton yet.


Winter evenings are great time to draw princesses, so here’s one more. Color ink was applied here and there to make colors sharper.

Watercolor paints and a bit of color ink
Watercolor paints and a bit of color inks

House of Chocolate

I’ve colored only half of one knight so far, but I’ve also finished old drawing today. It was started in September during our holiday trip. High time to finish it, before it gets eaten by mouses… well, I have seen no mouse on my desk yet, but there’s a lot of noise just above the ceiling. Mouses are moving to the attic before winter. I don’t blame them, I would do  the same, if other option was field under snow.  And talking about wild life; we have our woodpecker now. He’s been visiting us and tormenting the plumtree quite regularly this week. A handsome fat guy colored white, black and red, just like from a book.

crayons, ink
crayons, ink

Hansel and Gretel

One more holiday drawing I’ve just scanned. The forest around looked very much like Grimm brothers’ forest, full of wolves and witches, I suppose this has something to do with the choice of the story. I have drawn the witch house, too – how could I omit this scene! – but I haven’t finished coloring yet. Holiday was one day too short.

pencil and crayons
pencil and crayons

Selling Pots

Next part of König Drosselbart.  Now the princess is selling pots in the market. She’s doing well until a drunk knight breaks them all; it’s her royal husband in disguise, but she doesn’t know.

watercolors & watercolor pencils
watercolors & watercolor pencils


So what happened next in “König Drosselbart” ?  “Wife, we cannot go on any longer eating and drinking here and earning nothing!”  The princess tried to learn to do something useful, but she was a poor basketweaver.  I don’t blame her.  Someone tried to teach me once and results were no good.

King Thrushbeard
King Thrushbeard


At Grandma’s Door

I’ve just finished my Sunday afternoon picture.  I felt like drawing something sunny! We’ve been living inside a big cloud for two weeks. And why does Sunday picture come on Monday? Because we went to see Life of Pi (Great movie! As good as the book was, and in some respects maybe better!) and Sunday got too short.

Watercolors, ink and watercolor pencils. Honest paper, nothing's  digital here
Watercolors, ink and watercolor pencils. Honest paper, nothing’s digital here