Mother Hulde


Mother Hulde, gouache and crayons. She is the one who makes snow. She lives in the bottom of the well and when she shakes her pillows, in real world it snows. This year she mostly sleeps on the floor, I belive. Almost no snow.

Dwarf At Work

xxSkrzatWydawca copy

A small gouache picture which I want to send to someone as a New Year card.

Snow Queen


Winter fairytale for Nicky…

The Little Mermaid Show

There is one more picture about mermaids playing The Little Mermaid, and while the previous one was rather tricky to decipher,  this one is quite easy. Preparations are finished, now the show goes on! Both pictures are mixed media drawings (or paintings?) in pastel and gouache, I really don’t know what label fits to them but this combination of materials worked well for me and I belive I’m going to use it again.


Down the Rabbit Hole


Long time since I’ve been to Wonderland! So, Alice again. In gouache.

Applied Science


Evil stepmother and her famous poisoned apple. When I need a break, there’s nothing like Grimm brothers. Watercolor and a bit of white gouache.

Floral Sunday


Watercolor and a bit of white gouache

Sow Thistle Prince


Watercolor, gouache, and please feel free to make your own story for this picture…

Home is Warm

xxpolar bear mommy

Should be, even when you happen to be polar bear. I was testing new set of gouaches yesterday and this is what I got. Fits to Mother’s Day celebration, I think.