Bad Day


Another picture for Jenn. This time, watercolor, inks and crayons; in short, everything I had at hand.

You Sleep Here


Coffee-break drawing with ink and pastel pencils

Mo And Ma


A new story by Dorie Deats. Cat story. This is my first attempt to draw two main characters.

Yara, the Rainforest Girl


A new story by Yossi is coming, and this is my first idea of the heroine…

Playing With Fairy


I’ve got an e-book lately about J.W. Smith and her illustrations, and this drawing is definitely fan art! No exact copy, but there are many elements borrowed. In original picture there’s a boy playing with blocks at home and watching woods outside. Interesting thing is that letters on his wooden blocks say: LAS and DOM (“woods” and “home” in Polish). Did the famous American illustrator know? Or is it a coincidence? I was truly surprised to find familiar words from my own exotic language there.

Leisure Time

xxxleisureIllustration for Astrid’s book. Sunny, isn’t it? A lot of yellow Ecoline paint in the background.

The Autumn Girl

Based on a photograph of sweet little girl named Kimby. It’s not exactly a portrait: I draw all kids with round faces and round eyes, in children’s books fashion. Kimby also is rounder here then in the photo, but I feel there is some likeness.  I wish I could draw truly photographic portraits one day! I’m not sure if I will live long enough to learn, though.


First drawing in 2015

Big Smile Have a good start into 2015! This is my starting piece.

Man With Spiky Head

I’ve made one more drawing related to “Stay Away From Hula Island” book. This is the beginning of the story, just after the little girl has left her home; nobody could understand her, you know.  First person she meets is Man With Spiky Head (later she will discover he is Moon) and they go together to see the whole world. In this scene Moon is wondering on which side of the gate is the whole world, and the girl informs him it must be this side, because on the other side is the house she has come from.

pencil and ink on a stiff gray cardboard. It used to be back side of the block of paper
pencil and ink on a stiff gray cardboard. It used to be back side of the block of paper