Bridge in the Park


Park in Pszczyna, watercolor. Pszczyna is a little town with a big castle and a huge park, full of water channels and bridges. And old, high trees; a lot of shadow. Our dogs loved this place.

Gerda Meets The Witch

xxks2This also “Snow Queen” story, and also a Christmas present. This one is for Mathilda and Mathilda is seven years old, that’s why I wanted to make it sunny.

Little Violin Player

xxxhammelinThis is a miniature Hamelin musician; his job is to get caterpillars out of the garden. Ink, watercolor and little additions (watercolor pencil, white gel pen)

The Best Grandma 2

Back to Jonathan’s story. The girls had two scooters , the Duck and the Bus, and they used to race down the path to the end of  Grandma’s garden where they could watch trains passing by. Train watching will be the subject of the next picture.

watercolors and color pencils
watercolors and color pencils