This is another watercolor picture for Nicky. Roses are hard to draw; you do your best not to paint a chocolate box decoration and still make them look good as they deserve. Usually it doesn’t go too well. I’m not completely satisfied but this is a small step forward, when comparing with my previous rose picture.

Flowers for Nicky

Watercolor flowers for my friend Nicole.

From My Garden

yellow roses
Watercolor just for myself. It would be a pity to ignore the summer in the garden!

Day 9. Random


This time, a full-time picture. It’s based on the photo I took in my garden last year, and all this vegetation just spread itself. Poppies are winners in this category; seeds grow everywhere. I’m in control of less then 25% of my garden, I’m afraid.

Blue Orchid


Here it is, all blue flowers are ready! This time, honest watercolor. No mixing.

Blue Iris


Next flower in the blue series…

Blue Lily


Now my family needs some blue flowers and here’s the first one in blue series…

Flowers For Mama

xxflowers pink

Back to watercolor and producing Christmas presents.

Floral Sunday


Watercolor and a bit of white gouache