Thief of Always


“Thief of Always” is horror book for kids, I’ve been listening to audio version this week. It resembles a bit Pinokio’s adventure in happy holiday country. The little girl you can see in this picture will turn into a fish soon. This fan art piece was made just for fun of smearing paints on smooth surface; I have found another piece of coated carton.

Groke on Holiday


She has travelled all the way to tropical beach and the ground still freezes under her. Too bad. Once you’re a Groke, you are Groke everywhere…
This drawing has developed itself, so to say, from left to right. I have started with the jungle – I have had a practical reason to do draw some exotic greenery – but then Groke has arrived.

Masza And The Bear


Fan art picture for little Lila, requested by her grannie. This is a popular show lately and grannie says it’s Lila’s favourite one. “Masza” is “Mary” in Russia. And a bear is a bear.

Playing With Fairy


I’ve got an e-book lately about J.W. Smith and her illustrations, and this drawing is definitely fan art! No exact copy, but there are many elements borrowed. In original picture there’s a boy playing with blocks at home and watching woods outside. Interesting thing is that letters on his wooden blocks say: LAS and DOM (“woods” and “home” in Polish). Did the famous American illustrator know? Or is it a coincidence? I was truly surprised to find familiar words from my own exotic language there.


watercolor, ink
watercolor, ink
One more fan art drawing for Iza 🙂 I’m still not too fond of recreating movie characters, but painting the dark forest was fun.

Elsa for Iza

Drawing Disney fan art is not very much my thing… so, this is exception to the rule. For little Iza.


Diving With Octopus

Ella book is finished – 22 pages! The longest book I’ve illustrated so far. Another book is on horizon and there are two children poems to illustrate, for Mira. One picture per poem – when compared to Ella project, this should be simple. But first I have joined a fan art contest on DA and this is the result. The lady’s name is Victoria, the octopus name is Otto and they are Brian Kesinger’s characters. I saw them doing lots of things together but I’ve never seen a picture of Otto taking Victoria down to his home.

ink and watercolor
ink and watercolor