Read Us Aloud, Please


Coffee-break sketch which has grown into a little watercolor picture.

Ivy Fairy


Mixed media drawing, a bit of everything but mostly Liquitex inks and pencils.


xxxelfikOne of these silly drawings made without even one minute of planning. They just come. On lucky days they look good. Gouache and crayons.

Playing With Fairy


I’ve got an e-book lately about J.W. Smith and her illustrations, and this drawing is definitely fan art! No exact copy, but there are many elements borrowed. In original picture there’s a boy playing with blocks at home and watching woods outside. Interesting thing is that letters on his wooden blocks say: LAS and DOM (“woods” and “home” in Polish). Did the famous American illustrator know? Or is it a coincidence? I was truly surprised to find familiar words from my own exotic language there.

The Dryad

Experimenting with gouaches 🙂 Poor girl, she had to stand a lot of trials and errors.xxdryad

Flora the Fairy

Flora the FairyLofoten Tales finished and on their way to be published!

The Painter

Next story by J.A.Kallestad is about a little fairy who used to paint everything she liked. Good hobby, no doubt.


Spring Fairy

First day of real spring here; sun is shining, grass is slowly changing color. There was one yellow butterfly flying around at noon. Poor thing will not survive the night, I’m afraid, but it means something. I had to draw something green!

Spring Fairy