Sow Thistle Prince


Watercolor, gouache, and please feel free to make your own story for this picture…

The Artist

xxxartystaThis doodle sketch turned into a finished drawing because I got fascinated how markers and ink behave on smooth coated carton. It was like painting with acrylic paint, which can be mixed and smeared and pushed from one place to another. When ink was dry I have also used some white and yellow gouache, and in the end some white details were scrapped with razor blade. Sounds complicated, but it was fun. The most important thing is to find the right kind of carton; in this case, it was back side of the drawing block.

Inktober Day 11

xxinktober11Yesterday’s Inktober drawing. Topic: Transport. My private title would be something like “Journey of an Elf Queen”.


xxxelfikOne of these silly drawings made without even one minute of planning. They just come. On lucky days they look good. Gouache and crayons.

Walking a Ladybug

ladybugwalk23x17It was snowing all day long and I felt like drawing something sunny. Watercolor & watercolor pencils.

Harvest Moon Picture

xxpixieFound in a drawer, unfinished… this was a sketch for an illustration, but so many changes were requested that I have never used this piece. Now I have added some color.


DroughtThis is busy month, but now I’ve drawn something for myself – at last! Pencils and watercolor. Inspired by our present weather conditions.

Spring Fairy

First day of real spring here; sun is shining, grass is slowly changing color. There was one yellow butterfly flying around at noon. Poor thing will not survive the night, I’m afraid, but it means something. I had to draw something green!

Spring Fairy

Living in a Husk

Little Sunday drawing.

crayons and ink
crayons and ink