Land of Oz


Dorothy has noticed her new shoes can change size. Another silly sketch has grown into a color picture.

Great Wizard of Oz


Playing with acrylic paints, and this is the result!

Dorothy Melts The Witch

xxmeltingNobody steals shoes from Dorothy! Acrylics, no watercolor. I’m glad I have managed to finish it. Acrylic paint is resistant (or so I feel about it). It takes time to get where I want to be with my picture.

Coffee Break Little Picture

This is not KansasToto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. I meant to sketch something else, but I got a big-eyed girl instead and her eyes told the rest of the story. I just had to complete the background.

Billina Can’t Go In

Boys have gone back to the city, the house is quiet again. One more Oz drawing before going back to serious work (assuming drawing shopping carts and pirates is serious work at all!)

ink & pencils
ink & pencils