Day 2. Time


Factor of TIME: “You can’t enter twice the same river…” You also can’t drink twice from the same river, So, I have decided to base this sketch on the photo of my BRT dog drinking. I’m afraid I have had more courage then wisdom, because the shiny dog in sparkling water, this is really more then I’m able to grasp! But, after all, this is meant to be a challenge.

Diana, the German Shepherd

Present for my friend, Kinga. Pencils, watercolor, white gouache – a bit of this, a bit of that.


Eccentric Madam


This is my friend’s dog, and her name (i.e. dog’s name) truly is Eccentric Madam. It’s in her papers. At home she’s called Xena.

One more dog


Another member of our walking team, Szatan the Husky. Gouache paints this time. Of course! How else one can draw white dog on yellow paper!

Roxy, the Tibet mastiff


This is my friend’s dog, Roxy. Roxy is real queen, I have never met such dignified dog before. There’s a gossip she has killed a dog or two in fights in this place, where she was before, and this is the reason she was given away… I can hardly belive, when I watch her. This dog is all made of good manners.

Watercolor on yellow paper

Telesfor and Cats


This theft takes place each time when our dog gets his bread & butter. Ever since the kittens arrived in September, brought in by their mom (when she saw they got a meal, she simply left them here). I suppose the cat problem will be solved when two little criminals go to visit another backyard. Not every dog in the neighbourhood is a master of Zen.

The Cat, The Dog And Their Friends From Garden

Another illustration to the poem written by Mira’s friend. It’s rather hard to explain what the poem is about; it’s modern poetry. The title is “Waiting”. The cat, the sleeping dog, bats and hedgehogs are mentioned there, so I have simply put them all into the picture and this is it.  I have experimented with mixing a bit of acrylic paint into the watercolor; the texture seems to be slightly different, but this is probably unnoticeable here. Color  got  brighter, too. No wonder, I’ve added bright pink to cobalt blue.

watercolor paints and pencils
watercolor paints and pencils