Big Helpless Eyes


And what can she do now? It all started with DeviantsGallery group challenge, “Eyes”. My first connotation was a lost dog or cat with big helpless eyes, but later the creature has evolved a bit. Pencil, crayons.

Space Mice

xxxmicestarsMore mice.  Probably going to Mars. This is ink,  crayons and markers. Happy New Year to everyone!


xxxcinderellaIt was meant to be tea-break drawing but finally it took a bit longer.  Ink and crayons on a piece of yellow paper I have found under the desk: I have feeling this paper is for pastels. One side wasn’t too dusty.


xxxelfikOne of these silly drawings made without even one minute of planning. They just come. On lucky days they look good. Gouache and crayons.

Alice and Caterpillar Again

xxalicjaThis is one of most popular scenes ever, I think. There are thousands of Alices on DeviantArt or Pinterest, and half of them are portrayed with the caterpillar and the mushroom… Well, in a hot afternoon I have made one more Alice and one more mushroom. There are several inks here – umbra, sienna, magenta – and several pencils from Derwent and Koh-i-Noor.

Three Pigs

xxxthreepigsJust before the wolf jumped in through the chimney…Koh-i-Noor crayons, mostly.

Three Little Pigs (And Wolf In a Chimney)

xxxthreepigsThis drawing went to Nicky. Pencils, mostly. I got new Koh-i-noor crayons lately. I like them! And they aren’t that terrible expensive like MadeInBritain stuff.

Spring cleaning

xxxzajackThis one was finished about Easter. My first picture painted (not all of it, but considerable part) with water brush. Useful little tool. Precious, when you care for even coloring.

Valentine for a Bee

xxxbees2A drawing made for “Heart” DA group challenge. I was a little late with this (for Valentine day) but for a contest, just in time. It took second place 🙂