Mo and Christmas Tree

Next Christmas picture is book-related. Mo the Cat and the girl named Emma – Mo calls her “Ma” – are two characters from a story written by Dorie Deats, “Mo’s Little Giant” (on Amazon now!) Cats are excellent tree decorators and Emma appreciates a little help, I’m sure. Gouache and pencils. Merry Christmas to everyone!xxxmo_treedecorating

Santa’s Delivery Options


A few more Santas for this year’s holiday cards. Not that it was planned but it looks a bit as an illustration to the delivery options menu offered by every internet shop: collect-it-yourself, international DHL courier, or a mailman at your door. Maybe I did too much internet shopping last week.

Santa 2018

bialemikolajkiGetting ready for Family Gift Exchange. Coming soon.

Christmas with Snowman Paul

choinNot Christmas season yet, but new Snowman Paul book is leaving from my desk right now – and it’s not even a tiny bit too early. So says the author, who is also the publisher and marketing specialist of this series. I do pictures and all layouts, so together we are small, but fully functional publishing house.

I’m Sure I Have Forgotten Someone

This is a little drawing inspired by monthly challenge from one of DA groups; the subject is “Madness” this time (anyone wants to join? 5 more days!). So, this is kind of madness which happens in December. Specially to people who have big families and many relatives. xxmadness

Dwarf Christmas Tree

Another present for a friend, and one more experiment with gouache paints. There are no trees of right size for a dwarf; I thought miniature cactus would be ideal.

Dwarf Christmas Tree


Just a couple of weeks left and it’s high time to make a few drawings for friends. It’s this part of Christmas preparations I like best. Baking cookies takes second place and cleaning the house goes to the very end of the list.

watercolor, ink and gouache
watercolor, ink and gouache

Nutcracker Ballet

I’ve been helping to make Christmas card this week. My client had two “Nutcracker” characters ready: the Girl (what’s her name? in the book she was Marie, I think…I’m not sure about ballet version) and the Nutcracker. I was to make background for them. Characters are digital, so my background had to be digital, too; I’ve had occasion to practise painting on computer screen. Theatre

Christmas in June

One more unexpected comission. Last winter I got  a story about three Christmas trees to illustrate, and now one more picture is needed to finish layout.

Decorating Christmas Tree