Yule Spy


Half completed! There will be a new book soon, Yule Spy by Roger Easton. And yes, the boy is going to get the green bike for Christmas – I think I can tell so much. How he gets it, this is in the book.

Bad Day


Another picture for Jenn. This time, watercolor, inks and crayons; in short, everything I had at hand.

B like Babette


Babette saves ballerina. Cat story is finished, and Dorie is working on a new children’s book now. This is a set of slightly surreal poems based on alphabet, one poem for each letter. This picture is for “B”.

Mo and Christmas Tree

Next Christmas picture is book-related. Mo the Cat and the girl named Emma – Mo calls her “Ma” – are two characters from a story written by Dorie Deats, “Mo’s Little Giant” (on Amazon now!) Cats are excellent tree decorators and Emma appreciates a little help, I’m sure. Gouache and pencils. Merry Christmas to everyone!xxxmo_treedecorating

Rainforest story


I’ve never thought I’m going to draw an Amazonian shaman… But now I do. He is important person in Yosef’s new story.

Hello again…


Summer was busy! Two books to illustrate – one wonderful book by Dorie Deats, “Loving Granna Rose” (it’s on Amazon now), and one for a publisher from Cracow.  There was home renovation, too. And so, all August I was either painting pictures with kids playing, or painting walls. I have hardly had time to check mail, and I have abandoned all internet activity. I hope it all goes back to normal soon.

Snowman returns

01momday basicHere’s the Snowman again, and this time he’s going to celebrate the Mother’s Day. But who is snoman’s mother? That’s a little trouble.  But he will work this out, no doubt. New book in the end of April.

Snowman Paul Plays Chess


Snowman Paul and his young friends are getting relaxed after their last trip to the Winter Olympics. Me to! I have made no trip like this, I hate winter sports, but I was finishing this book in really Olympic style. This is last page, and the rest is here: www.amazon.com/dp/B079KP8JFM/