Snowman Paul Makes Career


Snowman Paul has won a second place in Best Picture Book Series category in Moonbeam competition! Hooray!…

Snowman Paul Goes to Print

xxxbigsnowmanFour books about Snowman Paul’s adventures are printed now. This was a BUSY month! And when books are printed, Snowman Paul is going to take part in Moonbeam competition which starts soon… I belive he won’t be shy, in the second book he became the winner of Olympics Games.

Alice and Caterpillar Again

xxalicjaThis is one of most popular scenes ever, I think. There are thousands of Alices on DeviantArt or Pinterest, and half of them are portrayed with the caterpillar and the mushroom… Well, in a hot afternoon I have made one more Alice and one more mushroom. There are several inks here – umbra, sienna, magenta – and several pencils from Derwent and Koh-i-Noor.

The Lonely Tower

xxxlonlytowerA moment of relax… Rapunzel in salad-green dress. She was named after a salad, so I think it fits.

Little Girl And Her Pet Dragon


New book about dragons has started! This is the beginning. About 20 pages wait to be painted.

Jane Goes To Bed

And here the adventure ends, and Sara’s pirate book is all illustrated – hurray! This is Jane’s ship in real life. I must admit the ships that my boys used to build were very inspiring. This was quite a few years ago, of course.

watercolor, crayons, ink - like always
watercolor, crayons, ink – like always

The Lazy Fox

Now it’s getting hot here! Day by day temperature goes up, and grass gets replaced with strange brown and red herbs which seem to be designed to live on Mars – Jura Upland is really green only in May. June, too, but only if it rains. Basia isn’t happy about it. Next illustration for Jan is about summer, too, so quite appropriate. This fox decided to sleep all summer in sun, when other foxes were gathering food, and then he was in trouble.



JaneBck to pirate story and if everything goes well, I’ll have it  finished before weekend. There are three more pictures on my drawing desk now.

The Fairy Who Liked Honey

Next fairy for Jan is ready! And kitchen window is painted, too.

Fairy and Bumblebee