Home is Warm

xxpolar bear mommy

Should be, even when you happen to be polar bear. I was testing new set of gouaches yesterday and this is what I got. Fits to Mother’s Day celebration, I think.

Masza And The Bear


Fan art picture for little Lila, requested by her grannie. This is a popular show lately and grannie says it’s Lila’s favourite one. “Masza” is “Mary” in Russia. And a bear is a bear.

Bear Mom Is Cooking Porridge

Little drawing connected to Goldilocks story. Goldilocks is my private “”Theme of the Month”, which means I draw Goldilocks for myself when I don’t draw other things for other people. Now there will be a break, because my son has borrowed me King’s novel and his books are very difficult to be put away.

Bear Mom

Autumn in the Forest

Now the summer is over for sure, most leaves are down on ground and it’s dark just after dinner.  A lot of forest animals are drawn this week.  This bear fits best to my present environment. Even though we don’t really have bears around; one was seen in Ojcow last year (30 km from here) but most likely he had come from mountains with a short visit.

The Bear