The Queen’s Ice Puzzle


This is Andersen illustration for Nicky. Watercolor, black ink and white gouache.

Gerda Meets The Witch

xxks2This also “Snow Queen” story, and also a Christmas present. This one is for Mathilda and Mathilda is seven years old, that’s why I wanted to make it sunny.

Christmas in June

One more unexpected comission. Last winter I got  a story about three Christmas trees to illustrate, and now one more picture is needed to finish layout.

Decorating Christmas Tree

Sea Witch

She’s my favourite character from Little Mermaid. I belive Sea Witch is  a mermaid, too, only that she got old and fat (what if Little Mermaid wouldn’t die young? would she look the same?)  Well, that’s how it ends. My beautiful dog Lori used to be a slim pointer and now she looks like a seal, all smooth and rounded. And she has just come to tell it’s tea time; Lori loves everything about tea time except tea. OK, I need to go and find a cookie.

ink, watercolor and pencil
ink, watercolor and pencil

Two Rich Englishmen

Old man tells his story.  Last picture finished! Two Rich Englishmen

Almost Done

The old man is tired with trading and wants to go to inn and have a drink, but when he’s about to enter, he meets a man with sack of rotten apples and he makes one more, last-minute exchange.

Almost Done

I Should Like This Fowl!

I should like this fowl! says old man when coming to the town’s gates and he makes one more exchange with tollkeeper, the bird’s owner. I wonder if old man had to pay toll. Maybe it was part of the trade.  And how much did it cost to enter the town?

I should like this fowl

Sheep For a Goose

Filling in gaps in the story; old man is going to the fair and happily exchanging goods. Whatever he sees, he wants to buy. Perfect candidate for eBay user, isn’t he?

Sheep For a Goose