Pink Fairy


A little exercise in gouache


Haunted House


Please note it’s got hands! My tribute to Halloween

Mo Goes Halloween


LIttle girl and her cat from a new story by Dorie Deats. This is how I imagine their first Halloween together.

Rainforest story


I’ve never thought I’m going to draw an Amazonian shaman… But now I do. He is important person in Yosef’s new story.

Mo And Ma


A new story by Dorie Deats. Cat story. This is my first attempt to draw two main characters.

The Jungle


And this watercolor & gouache picture is the sample I have made starting next project with Yosef (on Amazon: Yossi Lapid). First picture to the new story. I don’t think I have ever painted Amazonian forest before! Well, when I finish this book, I’m going to be an expert on this.

Hello again…


Summer was busy! Two books to illustrate – one wonderful book by Dorie Deats, “Loving Granna Rose” (it’s on Amazon now), and one for a publisher from Cracow.  There was home renovation, too. And so, all August I was either painting pictures with kids playing, or painting walls. I have hardly had time to check mail, and I have abandoned all internet activity. I hope it all goes back to normal soon.

Eccentric Madam


This is my friend’s dog, and her name (i.e. dog’s name) truly is Eccentric Madam. It’s in her papers. At home she’s called Xena.