Cloud Master. Inktober 2017

cloudmaster-jpgDay 19, “Cloud”. Black and white ink. This cloud was hard on my drawing paper, too wet. I should have used watercolor materials. Luckily I haven’t made a big hole in the picture.


Groke on Holiday


She has travelled all the way to tropical beach and the ground still freezes under her. Too bad. Once you’re a Groke, you are Groke everywhere…
This drawing has developed itself, so to say, from left to right. I have started with the jungle – I have had a practical reason to do draw some exotic greenery – but then Groke has arrived.

Big Russian terrier, small Russian terrier


This is family photo in ink. We have two BRT dogs now. Two years old boy and a puppy girl. Her long hair has just started to grow and makes her look like a lamb after electric shock. She’s a funny thing, but she’s also a tough little creature and she already has biten her big friend once or twice.

Bad Guys


I’m doing pictures to a modern pirate story now and these bandits are part of it. My favourite part, of course.

Wendy Learns to Fly

xxpeterpanFree time drawing based on Peter Pan story. Watercolor, pencil, white gouache – yes, I think this is all.

Christmas with Snowman Paul

choinNot Christmas season yet, but new Snowman Paul book is leaving from my desk right now – and it’s not even a tiny bit too early. So says the author, who is also the publisher and marketing specialist of this series. I do pictures and all layouts, so together we are small, but fully functional publishing house.

One more dog


Another member of our walking team, Szatan the Husky. Gouache paints this time. Of course! How else one can draw white dog on yellow paper!

Roxy, the Tibet mastiff


This is my friend’s dog, Roxy. Roxy is real queen, I have never met such dignified dog before. There’s a gossip she has killed a dog or two in fights in this place, where she was before, and this is the reason she was given away… I can hardly belive, when I watch her. This dog is all made of good manners.

Watercolor on yellow paper

Grapes and herbs


Today my task was to draw a few herbs and fruits. Grapes are easy! Curry plant, this was difficult.