Day 10. Cover


Facebook art challenge, continued. “Cover”! I searched my photos and I could see I can paint one of two things: rural landscape covered with snow, or rural landscape covered with dry leaves. Everything’s rural about the place I live in. I have chosen leaves. it’s cold day, even without painting snow.

Day 9. Random


This time, a full-time picture. It’s based on the photo I took in my garden last year, and all this vegetation just spread itself. Poppies are winners in this category; seeds grow everywhere. I’m in control of less then 25% of my garden, I’m afraid.

Day 7. Material


We’ve got a castle in northern part of Poland made almost entirely of clay. Brick walls, ceramic tiles on roofs. I thought this would fit!

Day 5. Gift


Day 5. Gift. Yes, there is a connection! Very simple one. I have just looked around searching for the last thing someone had given to me. And here it is: three bottles of Ecoline watercolor, primary colors: magenta, yellow, cyan. Actually I have bought them myself but this was when I got an art shop voucher from my great mother-in-law. I have painted my personalized color wheel with them.

Day 4. Wild


Now the garden is full of them, but I have had to use a photo. The bird wouldn’t sit still for 20 minutes for me…

Day 3. Inside


I’m two days late with this – the challenge is one piece a day! I hope to do better with the next sketch.

Day 2. Time


Factor of TIME: “You can’t enter twice the same river…” You also can’t drink twice from the same river, So, I have decided to base this sketch on the photo of my BRT dog drinking. I’m afraid I have had more courage then wisdom, because the shiny dog in sparkling water, this is really more then I’m able to grasp! But, after all, this is meant to be a challenge.

Day 1. Edible


Some nice people have organized an art challenge for home-staying people and I have decided to take part in it, making a series of fast sketches. Hoping to gain some skill this way.

Tricky Fox


Tricky Fox and Vanishing Sun. Concept drawing that has evolved into something eerie…