B like Babette


Babette saves ballerina. Cat story is finished, and Dorie is working on a new children’s book now. This is a set of slightly surreal poems based on alphabet, one poem for each letter. This picture is for “B”.


Great Wizard of Oz


Playing with acrylic paints, and this is the result!

Diana, the German Shepherd

Present for my friend, Kinga. Pencils, watercolor, white gouache – a bit of this, a bit of that.


Mo and Christmas Tree

Next Christmas picture is book-related. Mo the Cat and the girl named Emma – Mo calls her “Ma” – are two characters from a story written by Dorie Deats, “Mo’s Little Giant” (on Amazon now!) Cats are excellent tree decorators and Emma appreciates a little help, I’m sure. Gouache and pencils. Merry Christmas to everyone!xxxmo_treedecorating

Santa’s Delivery Options


A few more Santas for this year’s holiday cards. Not that it was planned but it looks a bit as an illustration to the delivery options menu offered by every internet shop: collect-it-yourself, international DHL courier, or a mailman at your door. Maybe I did too much internet shopping last week.

Santa 2018

bialemikolajkiGetting ready for Family Gift Exchange. Coming soon.

Oshun Oxtra Sails Away


A little watercolor picture from Moomintrolls’ world, just for fun.

Cats, cats everywhere

Dorie’s book is slowly taking its final shape, and now I’m adding cats in all possible locations… This one is going to decorate acknowledgements section.



Acrylic paint on the back side of a drawing paper block.