The Motorcyclist


Drawing based on a vintage photo, a present for a friend. The original picture was taken in 1920’s but the bike was already vintage these days.




Indoor watercolor exercise. Outdoor, it’s snowing again…

Instinct Wakes Up


This is made for ProjectEducate contest with individual prompts – just imagine! Someone took care to create prompt generator! I have tried my luck and my prompt is “Half and half: create a piece of art that is split in two, with each side being completely different from the other.” So, here it is…

Ghost Ladies


There are ten of them, all together. Heroines of a funny poem by Dorie Deats.

You’re The Brightest Fish of All


Playing with acrylic paint again… This is about a fish falling in love; if I had painted this a week ago, it would be just right for Valentine Day. Well, better late then never, they say.

Bye Bye Winter


A little watercolor picture based on a photo I have taken just a week ago, and now most of snow has melted and everything outside says “spring”.

Fablehaven Witch


I’ve been listening to the first part of “Fablehaven” series lately. The book started to sound interesting when a nasty witch appeared in the second or third chapter. Here’s my idea what she could look like.

You Sleep Here


Coffee-break drawing with ink and pastel pencils

Read Us Aloud, Please


Coffee-break sketch which has grown into a little watercolor picture.