Dwarf At Work

xxSkrzatWydawca copy

A small gouache picture which I want to send to someone as a New Year card.

Summer sketch


A little sketch made from a photo. It’s much more noble and right thing to draw from real observation, I know, but the cold rain combined with total darkness doesn’t help…

Snow Queen


Winter fairytale for Nicky…

Letters To Santa


For little Mathilda, who is a Pooh fan. I’m another one.

Baba Yaga Coming Home


I know, too late for Halloween. But this was drawn in November, so the month is right. I was wondering what this famous hut looked like and this is what I got.

One Trick Pony


A pony I have drawn for Justine some time ago. He’s starting his career soon! I do not make the whole job this time, up to print-ready PDF files. Just¬† pictures. I have heard the book is almost ready.

Flowers For Mama

xxflowers pink

Back to watercolor and producing Christmas presents.

The Little Mermaid Show

There is one more picture about mermaids playing The Little Mermaid, and while the previous one was rather tricky to decipher,¬† this one is quite easy. Preparations are finished, now the show goes on! Both pictures are mixed media drawings (or paintings?) in pastel and gouache, I really don’t know what label fits to them but this combination of materials worked well for me and I belive I’m going to use it again.


Don’t Worry, You’ll Make a Great Prince

Imagine what it could look like, when mermaids are playing “The Little Mermaid”. littlemermaid1-da