The Ghost


Too early for Halloween, but… Watercolor and watercolor pencils, this is a free time picture so not connected to any particular story.

Applied Science


Evil stepmother and her famous poisoned apple. When I need a break, there’s nothing like Grimm brothers. Watercolor and a bit of white gouache.

Bridge in the Park


Park in Pszczyna, watercolor. Pszczyna is a little town with a big castle and a huge park, full of water channels and bridges. And old, high trees; a lot of shadow. Our dogs loved this place.

Floral Sunday


Watercolor and a bit of white gouache

Betty For President!


There will be a new book soon, all about animals. My favourite was the alligator, the old sceptic.

Blue Roses


Well, the roses aren’t blue, but the picture mostly is. I need a present for someone and this is going to be one, I think.

Sow Thistle Prince


Watercolor, gouache, and please feel free to make your own story for this picture…