The Lion and The Unicorn


An exercise drawing inspired by “Through the Looking-Glass”. Pastel pencils and a little bit of white gouache

Letters To Santa


For little Mathilda, who is a Pooh fan. I’m another one.

Baba Yaga Coming Home


I know, too late for Halloween. But this was drawn in November, so the month is right. I was wondering what this famous hut looked like and this is what I got.

Instinct Wakes Up


This is made for ProjectEducate contest with individual prompts – just imagine! Someone took care to create prompt generator! I have tried my luck and my prompt is “Half and half: create a piece of art that is split in two, with each side being completely different from the other.” So, here it is…

You Sleep Here


Coffee-break drawing with ink and pastel pencils

Diana, the German Shepherd

Present for my friend, Kinga. Pencils, watercolor, white gouache – a bit of this, a bit of that.


Mo and Christmas Tree

Next Christmas picture is book-related. Mo the Cat and the girl named Emma – Mo calls her “Ma” – are two characters from a story written by Dorie Deats, “Mo’s Little Giant” (on Amazon now!) Cats are excellent tree decorators and Emma appreciates a little help, I’m sure. Gouache and pencils. Merry Christmas to everyone!xxxmo_treedecorating

Santa’s Delivery Options


A few more Santas for this year’s holiday cards. Not that it was planned but it looks a bit as an illustration to the delivery options menu offered by every internet shop: collect-it-yourself, international DHL courier, or a mailman at your door. Maybe I did too much internet shopping last week.