You’re The Brightest Fish of All


Playing with acrylic paint again… This is about a fish falling in love; if I had painted this a week ago, it would be just right for Valentine Day. Well, better late then never, they say.

Children Behind the Mirror


Another scene from “Coraline’. Coraline is locked by the Other Mother in a niche behind the mirror, when ghost children come to ask her for help.

The Show


Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. Great show at the dog theatre. An experiment with acrylic paint.

Great Wizard of Oz


Playing with acrylic paints, and this is the result!



Acrylic paint on the back side of a drawing paper block.

Ectoplasm Family


And what if they just refuse to go? I suppose this is what sitting room could look like after spiritual seance which was a bit too successful.
Derwent pencils and markers + digital edition (blue vignette added in mutiply mode)

Thief of Always


“Thief of Always” is horror book for kids, I’ve been listening to audio version this week. It resembles a bit Pinokio’s adventure in happy holiday country. The little girl you can see in this picture will turn into a fish soon. This fan art piece was made just for fun of smearing paints on smooth surface; I have found another piece of coated carton.

Joy of Ride


This is the famous frog from “Wind in the Willows”. True mixed media picture. It’s easier to say what is NOT used here: no oil paints for sure, since I do not own any.

Dorothy Melts The Witch

xxmeltingNobody steals shoes from Dorothy! Acrylics, no watercolor. I’m glad I have managed to finish it. Acrylic paint is resistant (or so I feel about it). It takes time to get where I want to be with my picture.