Grapes and herbs


Today my task was to draw a few herbs and fruits. Grapes are easy! Curry plant, this was difficult.

Snow-White and Rose-Red

This is Grimm brother’s story I have never tried yet. Later I realized I had made a mistake: dwarf’s beard should be stuck under a tree trunk and not the stone. This picture was made for relax in a very hot day so please forgive me. xxxtwoGirlsGrimm

Dietary Supplement Seller

xxxdietsupplementWhat do you need, dear? Would you like to be thinner, younger, would you like to grow legs? No problem! Sea Witch has got it all. Now there’s a Sea Witch shelf in every drugstore, actually. Gouache paint and watercolor wash in the background.

Mrs. Frisby


This picture illustrates “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”, the audiobook I have listened to lately. Nice story! Mrs. Frisby is a field mouse, a widow with five children. One day her youngest son, Timothy, gets ill and his mom starts big campaign to save his life. Ink, Derwent pencils and a little of watercolor in the end, just to add yellow and blue tint. ¬†

Moon Brothers


Quiet evening home… A little drawing made for DA group challenge. The topic was double: moon or sun. Derwent pencils and ink.

Big Helpless Eyes


And what can she do now? It all started with DeviantsGallery group challenge, “Eyes”. My first connotation was a lost dog or cat with big helpless eyes, but later the creature has evolved a bit. Pencil, crayons.

The Entrance

xxxlasFor Natalia, who needs a present for a little girl. Watercolor, gouache and color pencils. In short, my favourite set of tools.

Time of Blooming Trees

xxmaybloomThis spring’s been so cold that trees are 3 weeks late to bloom, and farmers already have started to fight for financial compensation from government. Even though their¬† “lost harvest” doesn’t exist yet. Reasonable people. Everybody knows government is slow. But now it happened, at last. Trees are blooming.

This is Liquitex watercolor (crimson, emerald green, yellow) and white gouache on tinted watercolor paper. Yes, I have found tinted watercolor paper lately! It can be bought in several shades; blue, gray, yellow… This one is yellow. The well-lit upper surface of the flower in top left corner, this is true color of the paper. No paint here.


xxxspringSpring, the new beginning! This is a little picture inspired by Sharpened Edge May’s challenge: “Why I love Spring”. The little twist here is that my Spring is not a young beautiful girl. Spring comes every year as long as the planet is revolving around the sun, so why should she be so very young! I think a nice Grandma is more likely.