Once upon a time I studied architecture, but instead of building houses I started to work as a graphic designer.  I’ve cut out from background lots of businesswomen with laptops, I have modelled dozens of 3D logos and I’ve composed them together  more times then I want to remember.  When we have moved to live in the country, my family and me, I  have started to translate books about computer graphic and photography for a publishing house based in  Silesia, Poland. Great job for a person, who likes to work at home, but I had to spend a lot of time with computer.  I needed some change.  My backbone  needed a change.  In the meantime our two sons have grown big enough to take care of themselves.  There’s one good thing about children growing up:  parents have more time.  I have used my free time to explore possibilities of traditional drawing techniques – watercolor, ink, pencil and crayons. I don’t mean I never did a pencil drawing before, but now I’ve discovered I love to draw fairytale and fantasy scenes; dwarves, elves, pixies and other fantastic creatures.  This adventure lasts for quite a few years. My hobby slowly changed into a new job,  as I have  illustrated a few  stories and poems for children. Year by year I’ve been doing more work of this kind, and now it’s my main occupation – and I’m very happy about it!

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Difficult stuff, I have not much experience neither in blogging nor award plays – I will read carefully, when I have more time, I promise Thanks for invitation, it;s very kind of you! And your pastel seascapes are beautiful. This is something I can understand easier 🙂 I admire your skills!

      1. Najwyraźniej 🙂 U mnie to ćwiczenie przeniosło się też na inne aspekty życia 😀 Ale jak to się mówi: ćwiczenie czyni mistrza 🙂

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