Day 4. Wild


Now the garden is full of them, but I have had to use a photo. The bird wouldn’t sit still for 20 minutes for me…

Day 3. Inside


I’m two days late with this – the challenge is one piece a day! I hope to do better with the next sketch.

Day 2. Time


Factor of TIME: “You can’t enter twice the same river…” You also can’t drink twice from the same river, So, I have decided to base this sketch on the photo of my BRT dog drinking. I’m afraid I have had more courage then wisdom, because the shiny dog in sparkling water, this is really more then I’m able to grasp! But, after all, this is meant to be a challenge.

Day 1. Edible


Some nice people have organized an art challenge for home-staying people and I have decided to take part in it, making a series of fast sketches. Hoping to gain some skill this way.

Tricky Fox


Tricky Fox and Vanishing Sun. Concept drawing that has evolved into something eerie…

Land of Oz


Dorothy has noticed her new shoes can change size. Another silly sketch has grown into a color picture.