Dwarf At Work

xxSkrzatWydawca copy

A small gouache picture which I want to send to someone as a New Year card.

Summer sketch


A little sketch made from a photo. It’s much more noble and right thing to draw from real observation, I know, but the cold rain combined with total darkness doesn’t help…

Snow Queen


Winter fairytale for Nicky…

Letters To Santa


For little Mathilda, who is a Pooh fan. I’m another one.

Baba Yaga Coming Home


I know, too late for Halloween. But this was drawn in November, so the month is right. I was wondering what this famous hut looked like and this is what I got.

One Trick Pony


A pony I have drawn for Justine some time ago. He’s starting his career soon! I do not make the whole job this time, up to print-ready PDF files. JustĀ  pictures. I have heard the book is almost ready.