Home is Warm

xxpolar bear mommy

Should be, even when you happen to be polar bear. I was testing new set of gouaches yesterday and this is what I got. Fits to Mother’s Day celebration, I think.

Nobody’s Going to Belive


So I have just met Captain Hook and what? Only my dog knows. No use to tell Mom and Dad.
This is a practice picture meant to improve my control over gouache. This time I’ve tried to be as precise as I could.



They are the prettiest tulips in our garden this year, but it’s so difficult to paint them!  Finally I have tried gouache and now colors are more or less right (watercolor too pale) but details suffer. I’m not so much used to gouache,  and all these curly petals gave me trouble. I hope next year I can repeat this experiment.

At the Back of the North Wind, again


Still listening to this audiobook…

At the Back of the North Wind


Old story but not without some charm…