Eccentric Madam


This is my friend’s dog, and her name (i.e. dog’s name) truly is Eccentric Madam. It’s in her papers. At home she’s called Xena.

Ectoplasm Family


And what if they just refuse to go? I suppose this is what sitting room could look like after spiritual seance which was a bit too successful.
Derwent pencils and markers + digital edition (blue vignette added in mutiply mode)

Ant Hunt


Closer, closer little ant… This is what emerged when I tried to figure out what to do with new paper I had bought.

Yara, the Rainforest Girl


A new story by Yossi is coming, and this is my first idea of the heroine…


xxxpeoniaWhat a pity they live so short. One more watercolor exercise in botanics


xxxpelargonieWatercolor, and this is it. No additions this time.