Flower Picture For Dogs


This was a little break in daily routine. There were two reasons to paint this watercolor: 1. I like to paint flowers, 2. I have joined a Facebook charity action. It’s about abandoned black Russian terriers. We have two, male and female, so we definitely won’t adopt next one – this could lead to a fight. They are wonderful animals, but they are BIG and not so very peaceful by nature. They need space and attention. But at least I can list a picture for them. So, these flowers can be bought here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1619153558122406/

Shayla’s new story


A new book’s arrived to my drawing desk, one more Rainbow Pals story. Crazy and colorful, like all stories by Shayla. The Pals are going to celebrate¬† Halloween. Yes, a bit early for this, but I’m rather glad we have started now. Won’t be easy. Many characters, many actions, many locations. As a matter of fact these little guys are into new madness in new place on each page. This is only first spread and I already feel a bit tired.

Witchcraft for Beginners


This is my first free time drawing in 2018, because there was simply no free time before. I have once drawn a girl practising spells on her cat in ink. This was for Inktober, a year or two ago. The idea somehow stayed with me. This time I have tried gouache paints.

Snowman Paul Plays Chess


Snowman Paul and his young friends are getting relaxed after their last trip to the Winter Olympics. Me to! I have made no trip like this, I hate winter sports, but I was finishing this book in really Olympic style. This is last page, and the rest is here: www.amazon.com/dp/B079KP8JFM/