Innocent Little Bee. Inktober Day 31.


Cherry vampire again, disguised. The topic of the day is “Mask”. Black, red and yellow ink. I also own blue and sepia ink but I thought maybe three were enough this time. Important! Please notice what is happening to the biten cherries. The concept comes from a fellow DA member, Sketchman (thank you!).

You Shall Marry a Prince. Intober Day 29


Aurora got to the top of the tower, and it’s time to decide what has happened there. The topic of the day is “united”, so… how about unexpected cross-generation friendship? Maybe a hundred years of sleep was really Aurora’s idea. She was told an ideal prince for her wasn’t born yet, so what else could she say but: “oh, Granny, do something! I can’t be old when he’s twenty!”

Climbing to the top of the tower

climbing-jpgInktober Day 27 is about climbing. So here she is, going to the top of the tower to meet her fate. Fairytale princesses have got this instinct; they always go straight to the most dangerous spot. Same about pretty blond girls in horror movies, but princesses were doing it much earlier. Tales of Sleeping Beauty or Bluebeard’s wife were told long before cinematograph was invented.

The Oshun Oxtra. Inktober Day 25.


The Oshun Oxtra in its late, fully developed state, when it could sail, fly and dive. The topic of the day is “ship” and this is surely the best ship ever built.

Cherry Vampire. Inktober Day 23


I’m late with Inktober schedule, so one more drawing today. The topic is “Juicy”. Black and red ink.

Furious. Inktober Day 21


Victorian ladies should be sweet, quiet and forgiving like angels, but were they? And what when nobody watched them? Black and white ink.

Cloud Master. Inktober 2017

cloudmaster-jpgDay 19, “Cloud”. Black and white ink. This cloud was hard on my drawing paper, too wet. I should have used watercolor materials. Luckily I haven’t made a big hole in the picture.

Groke on Holiday


She has travelled all the way to tropical beach and the ground still freezes under her. Too bad. Once you’re a Groke, you are Groke everywhere…
This drawing has developed itself, so to say, from left to right. I have started with the jungle – I have had a practical reason to do draw some exotic greenery – but then Groke has arrived.

Big Russian terrier, small Russian terrier


This is family photo in ink. We have two BRT dogs now. Two years old boy and a puppy girl. Her long hair has just started to grow and makes her look like a lamb after electric shock. She’s a funny thing, but she’s also a tough little creature and she already has biten her big friend once or twice.