One more dog


Another member of our walking team, Szatan the Husky. Gouache paints this time. Of course! How else one can draw white dog on yellow paper!

Roxy, the Tibet mastiff


This is my friend’s dog, Roxy. Roxy is real queen, I have never met such dignified dog before. There’s a gossip she has killed a dog or two in fights in this place, where she was before, and this is the reason she was given away… I can hardly belive, when I watch her. This dog is all made of good manners.

Watercolor on yellow paper

Grapes and herbs


Today my task was to draw a few herbs and fruits. Grapes are easy! Curry plant, this was difficult.

Snow-White and Rose-Red

This is Grimm brother’s story I have never tried yet. Later I realized I had made a mistake: dwarf’s beard should be stuck under a tree trunk and not the stone. This picture was made for relax in a very hot day so please forgive me. xxxtwoGirlsGrimm

Dietary Supplement Seller

xxxdietsupplementWhat do you need, dear? Would you like to be thinner, younger, would you like to grow legs? No problem! Sea Witch has got it all. Now there’s a Sea Witch shelf in every drugstore, actually. Gouache paint and watercolor wash in the background.