Gnome Miniaturist


Some Easter egg patterns are so intricate, that they are surely not painted by humans, don’t you think so? My first Easter picture this year. Gouache + Liquitex bottled watercolor. I have turned the camera on, so the painting process is probably going to be on YouTube soon. This is my recent New Year resolution: not to neglect my YT channel! (My other resoultions are: loose 3 kilograms and run a sketchbook daily, not every now and then. I’m not doing too well with neither of these tasks).

6 thoughts on “Gnome Miniaturist

  1. A wonderful little painting ( I’d love one of those head light contraptions for the winter months ;-)!!) I believe you are right, the tiny intricate patterns must be made by the little elf and gnome folk 😉 We could all do with more hours every day to fit things in…Good luck for all your goals!

      1. LOL, I wish!! What a lovely comment Joanna, Thank You 🙂 I’d dearly love a great marketing PA Gnome who knows how to utilise the web more than I!!

      2. Yes, a little gnome who sits at the keyboard all night and does all the social media/marketing activity – this would be just great. I also want one (and good idea for a picture, too!)

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