Moomins’ Treasure Hunt


A little free time picture in gouache and ink. Moomin family organized a treasure hunt the day when they had sailed away to have a picnic on the beach, and this is what Moomintroll had found… he fell in love with wooden maid’s eyes and it caused some complications.

Easter Hybrids


Most popular Easter motifs are bunnies, chickens and eggs; here you can see all in one. Happy Easter to everyone!

Gnome Miniaturist


Some Easter egg patterns are so intricate, that they are surely not painted by humans, don’t you think so? My first Easter picture this year. Gouache + Liquitex bottled watercolor. I have turned the camera on, so the painting process is probably going to be on YouTube soon. This is my recent New Year resolution: not to neglect my YT channel! (My other resoultions are: loose 3 kilograms and run a sketchbook daily, not every now and then. I’m not doing too well with neither of these tasks).