xxxcinderellaIt was meant to be tea-break drawing but finally it took a bit longer.¬† Ink and crayons on a piece of yellow paper I have found under the desk: I have feeling this paper is for pastels. One side wasn’t too dusty.

Bathroom Picture

xxxgaskiThis is a small watercolor picture – about postcard size – for a friend. It’s meant to decorate her parent’s bathroom.


xxxelfikOne of these silly drawings made without even one minute of planning. They just come. On lucky days they look good. Gouache and crayons.

Pilica Alley in Summer

xxx-lato.jpgNext picture for Alexander. This is plain traditional watercolor, no strange additions this time.

Pilica Alley in Spring


Not far from the place where I live there is a little town named Pilica. In Pilica there’s a castle, rebuilt into romantic palace in 19th century, and there’s a long alley leading from the gates of palace park out into the fields. Palace, garden and fields used to belong to one family before the war; they were ugly exploiters of working people and red revolution wiped them out. The palace stayed in place, and the alley too. One of my friends asked me to paint¬† this alley in four seasons of the year, and he brought me very good reference photos… so, here is spring alley for Alexander.